Tips for Packing Your Bathroom


Tips for Packing Your Bathroom

By Jeff   |   Posted In: Moving
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After packing up your kitchen and bedrooms, you may think packing up your bathroom will be a cake walk. Unfortunately for most, that isn’t the reality, and our bathrooms end up being one of the most difficult and time consuming rooms to pack in your home.

Think about it: how many half used bottles of shampoo do you have tucked away? How many spare bars of soap, rolls of toilet paper, or tubes of toothpaste? Do you have a lot of hair products that you rarely use? What about hair appliances? There are a lot of opportunities for a large range of items to be hiding away in your bathroom cupboards, and things that have been out of sight and out of mind will need to be tended to.

Before you begin packing your bathroom, you need to be ready to follow three steps: Sort, Purge, Organize. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sort: before you begin packing things away, you need to have a clear view of what it is that you’ll be packing. Pull out everything from your cupboards, drawers, and medicine cabinet and lay it all out – if you’ve already packed up a large room like an office make use of that floor space!

Sort all of your items into the following categories: appliances, cosmetics, feminine products, hair products, toiletries, medicine, towels and linens, and cleaning products. Once you’ve got your designated piles, it’s time for the next step.

  1. Purge: this step may be the most important, because it will cut down on the amount of items you’re packing and can save you a ton of time and space. Go through all of the various medications that have collected in your medicine cabinet and remove the ones that are out of date or no longer needed. Take them to a designated drop off area rather than throwing them in the garbage or flushing them.

If you have any products or tools you haven’t used in the past 3 months, set them aside. Odds are, you won’t be using it again anytime soon, so it isn’t worth packing up, bringing along, and unpacking again. A lot of shelters will be happy to accept products you no longer wish to have, or you can pass them along to family and friends.

  1. Organize: once you’ve narrowed down what you’ll be bringing with you to your new home, it’s time to organize it as you pack. Pack items in boxes together the way you believe you’ll be putting them away in your new bathroom, and clearly label each box.

Take care to pack fragile items inside boxes cushioned with towels, and secure all bottles containing liquids tightly. You can place these items inside plastic bags, or tape their lids down so they can’t open and spill all over the inside of the box. Fill all extra space with your bathroom towels for extra cushion and security – plus you’ll be packing your towels at the same time!

While you’re following the above three steps, it’s important to leave yourself and your family an ‘essentials’ box or bag. Inside it should contain everything you need or use on a day to day basis, think toothbrushes, hair dryers, and the like. Having this essentials box will ensure you don’t accidentally pack something important away and need to unpack it, and will also guarantee your family has everything they’ll need in one place once you’re settled into your home for the first few days.

If you’d prefer not to pack up your bathroom yourself, you can always leave it to a moving company. Moving companies have the know how to pack your belongings quickly and efficiently, taking a large responsibility off of your place. If you’re looking for one of the best moving companies in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than America’s Best (after all, ‘best’ is in our name).

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