Protecting Your Floors During a Move


Protecting Your Floors During a Move

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Floors can easily be damaged during a move. One little slip and you can easily make a scratch or dent in your hardwood floor, leaving you without your security deposit or having to repair the floor for those who purchased your home.

Taking simple precautions while you’re moving out of or into your new home or apartment will help prevent nicks, scratches, or tears in your hardwood, laminate, or carpet. Here are some of the tried and tested floor protection methods the pros use:

Hardwood and Laminate

For hardwood, laminate, or other non-carpeted areas you’d like to protect, start by lining the floors with heavy duty paper. Be sure the paper is uncolored, that way dye doesn’t transfer to your flooring. Paper will help cut down on scuffs and scratches from foot traffic in areas you’ll be transporting easy to carry items like boxes and clothing.

In areas where appliances and heavy electronics will be moved, lay down plywood. Be sure to lay the plywood on top of paper to prevent the rough edges of the plywood from scratching your floor. Laying down plywood will help protect the area in the event of something being dropped, and will take the initial hit instead of your floor. Wrap the legs of your furniture in towels or blankets to provide a cushion when you need to set them down, or if they’re accidentally dropped.


To protect your carpet from dirt you can lay down carpet film, which is an adhesive plastic that will resist tearing to some degree. It can be a bit pricey, but if you’ve just replaced the carpet in the home you’re moving out of or into it may be worth the price.

If you’d prefer to save some money, blankets, towels, drop cloths, and scrap pieces of carpet can be laid down to protect from dirt and tears/snags. In high traffic areas sheets of cardboard can help prevent wear, and also helps keep these areas free of dirt and grime.

Other Considerations

Regardless of what type of flooring you’re protecting and how you’re protecting it, you need to ensure the surface has enough grip to be walked on easily and without fear of slipping. The last thing anyone needs during a move is to fall and be injured, or have a worker or family member hurt. A fall can also mean damaged goods, making a slip even more costly.

If the weather you’re moving in is less than ideal, you’ll need to frequently check high traffic areas during the process of moving. Rain or snow can easily make plastic slippery and dangerous, so be sure to dry them frequently. Moisture and cardboard don’t mix, so as it gets soggy replace it with fresh, dry cardboard.

If you enlist the help of any Columbus moving companies, they should be able to assist you in protecting your flooring. If you choose to work with America’s Best – one of the premiere Columbus, Ohio, movers, we’ll go above and beyond to ensure your flooring is in the exact same condition as it was prior to your move.

At America’s Best Moving Company, we aim to make your move as easy and swift as possible. Whether you’re transitioning across the street, to a new county, or completely across the United States, we’re here to assist you. Give us a call today at 614.571.7398 to see how we can help, or visit us online to request a quote.