5 Genius Packing Tips Sure to Make Your Move a Breeze

moving tips

When you’re packing up for a move, you’ll take all the help you can get. Whether it be friends and family helping you pack up and move, a professional moving company handling everything from point A to B, or simply reading up on a few moving and packing tips to make your life easier.

If you’re looking for the latter you’re in luck, because today we have five packing tips designed to make your move easy as can be. Here they are:

  1. Make your baskets and hampers work for you.

If you have a number of baskets, hampers, laundry bins, or suitcases that you’re planning on moving put them to good use. Load them up with your belongings not only to save space, but to also save yourself money from not having to purchase cardboard boxes.

  1. Label the sides of your boxes.

As you’re packing up you’ll most likely stack boxes on top of one another to keep everything out of the way, and you’ll do the same as you move your items in to unpack. Instead of labeling your boxes on their tops, label them on their sides. This way, when you stack your boxes you’re not covering up their labels, and you can still clearly see what each box is.

  1. Pack your closet in garbage bags.

Instead of taking the time to remove all of your clothes from their hangers, fold them carefully, and pack them away in boxes, use garbage bags. Simply cut a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag and place the tops of your hangers through the hole. Move the bag down over your clothing, tie off the bottom, and your clothing is secured and much easier to unpack.

  1. Wrap utensil organizers with plastic wrap.

When you put your utensils in boxes they can get dirty easily, resulting in time consuming dish washing. Instead of packing them loosely, keep them in their original organizer and wrap the entire thing in plastic wrap. This not only keeps your silverware organized, but free of dust and dirt which makes for an easy unpack.

  1. Take photos of the back of electronics for easy set up.

When it’s time to disconnect your television or other electronics, take a picture of the back of them. This will serve as a reference point when you go to reconnect your cords when you’re in your new home, and will take out the guesswork of which cable goes where.

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