3 Tips for Moving on a Budget


3 Tips for Moving on a Budget

By Jeff   |   Posted In: Moving
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Sometimes you need to move house even when your budget doesn’t want you to. Unforeseen circumstances can pop up at any time, resulting in having to pack up your life and move to a new destination.

In order to make that transition easier on your wallet we’ve put together three of our favorite tips to cut costs during your move. Here they are:

  1. Weigh how important time versus money is to you. If saving time trumps saving a few dollars, hire a professional moving company. Pros can pack and move your belongings in significantly less time than you can, and not having to worry about moving your stuff gives you more time to handle other tasks, like transferring utilities and forwarding your address.

If saving money is your goal, pack and transport your items yourself. It will take you some time and maybe give you a headache or two, but if you’re truly frugal, the extra cash in your pocket will make it worth it. You can also pack your own items to save cash, but still leave the loading and moving to the pros if you’re looking to not do everything yourself.

  1. Save money by not purchasing packing materials. Check with your workplace, family, and friends to see if there are any available boxes laying around. You can also go to liquor stores, grocery stores, and restaurants and inquire about free boxes. A lot of the time they’ll be more than willing to let you take them off of their hands.

You can also save yourself a few bucks by using your own clothing and linens as stuffing, rather than buying expensive bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Just be cognoscente that this can make unpacking slightly more difficult if you need to do multiple loads of laundry during the process.

  1. Raise some extra cash by having a yard sale. Use the money earned to help alleviate moving costs (like a moving service) or to put towards your own gas tank if you’re transporting everything yourself. Having a yard sale is not only a great way to put a few more dollars in your pocket, but also rids yourself of items you no longer use or won’t have room for in your new home.

If you have items that you don’t think will sell but you don’t want to deal with transporting them to your new home, donate them. If you don’t think certain items are worth donating, trash them, just be sure you don’t waste your time and effort bringing them to your new home only to end up getting rid of it.

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